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link to Half-Baked webseries
"Diane, my #$!%
                                            neighbor" video link

Half-Baked webseries
**new**   (comedy)
Diane, my #$!% neighbor
Constance's Library
                                            Primer video link
Helen Parker
                                            video link "What
                                            would you tell your
                                            daughter?" link
Constance's Library Primer
Helen Parker, blogging queen
"What would you tell your daughter?"      (drama)
Not Exactly Shakespeare
                                            link Kelly and
                                              Jason video Pushing Daisies clip
Not Exactly Shakespeare
Kelly and Jason
Pushing Daisies
(comedy)  2.5 min.
                                            Fairies clip political PSA clip Guttenbergers clip
Perry's Fairies
  (comedy)  1 min.
political PSA
  48 sec.  (4.9 Mb)  ++

5 min.

Agatha clip Stefan's clip Demo
37 sec.  (3.8 Mb)  ++
Stefan's Green Card
10 sec. (863 Kb) ++
Demo Reel
1.5 min. (9.4 Mb)  ++