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2012 October - worked on a comedy pilot presentation called The Tasting Room.  It's a fun concept and a funny script, and the people behind it were lovely to work with.  Fingers crossed that they find a buyer!

Aug-Oct - 4 more episodes of Half-Baked filmed and released.

July - episode 4 of Half-Baked released, and episode 5 filming completed.

June - episode 3 of Half-Baked filmed & released on YouTube.

May - worked on a new comedy series for Adult Swim called You're Whole, directed by Michael Showalter and starring Michael Ian Black.  It was a fun, collaborative set, and the show promises to be another great, oddball comedy from a network that caters to comedy geeks.
- episode 2 of Half-Baked is complete!  Claire and Sheila share a moment after surviving the cooking show.  All episodes available here.

- filmed episode 1 of the comedy webseries Half-Baked.  It's 30 minutes to showtime and Claire, the star of her own public-access TV cooking show, is forced into a last-minute alliance with her neighbor Sheila.  Check out Episode 1 for a quick, 50-second laugh!  (link also available on the Video page).

February - created the comedy micro-short Diane, my #$!% neighbor.  If you like it, please vote here at FunnyOrDie!  Or check it out right here on the Video page.

January - Producers' audition for one of my favorite shows, Parenthood.
2011 December
- created the comedy micro-short Constance's Library Primer.  Check it out on the Video page.

November - performed in The Bangin' Sketch show at Bang Comedy Institute!  (

- created the comedy micro-short Helen Parker, blogging queen.  See it here on FunnyOrDie and vote!  (also available on the Video page)

August - commercial callback

July - producers' audition for PARENTHOOD

May - CROSS released on DVD by Sony Pictures Home Entertainment.

April - commercial callback

March - audition, callback, and put on hold for THE EVENT, in the role of ER doctor.
2010 August
- completed filming on the comic-book action film CROSS, starring Brian Austen Green and Vinnie Jones, with Michael Clark Duncan, Danny Trejo, and more.
2009 November
- completed filming on the short film ACTS OF GOD
- producers' audition for CRIMINAL MINDS
- producers' audition for THE MENTALIST

- the PUSHING DAISIES Season Two DVD is out.  Look for my episode, "The Legend of Merle McQuoddy."  Also, find "Secret Sweet Ingredients" on the DVD as a bonus extra, with a behind-the-scenes look at my very complicated makeup application and filming on set.

- callback audition for an indie film
- booked a supporting role in the short film Act of God.

- producers' audition for House
- callback audition for an indie film
2008 December
- my episode of The Young and The Restless is airing on December 15th.

- another day on Pushing Daisies doing silly ADR noises for my "melty mouth."  It's a hilarious scene, look for the "Legend of Merle McQuoddy" episode on Dec. 10.
- worked on The Young and the Restless in the role of Social Worker.
- booked a co-lead in the comedy short Things That Go Bump, written by Eric Fineman, as the mother of a young boy who's afraid of the dark.

- booked a co-lead in the short Aluvagous, written by Sierra Edwards, as psychiatrist Dr. Sara Montgomery.

- booked PUSHING DAISIES, playing lighthouse-keeper Nora McQuoddy who's brought back to life for exactly one minute by Ned the pie maker.  Got 9 days out of this one!
- booked an Obama campaign spot written and directed by George Nolfi (from The Bourne Ultimatum).
- worked on a PSA for "No on Proposition 8."  Funny spot--look out for 3 upscale soccer-moms (or is it hockey moms?) trying (and failing) to come up with a good reason that gays shouldn't marry.

- improvised in BINGO (for the 3rd time,) and also with Conservatory class at Second City TC.
- ERASED won the Bronze Award for Theatrical Feature Film and Video, Science Fiction, at the WorldFest Houston Film Festival.

- performed in the BINGO show at Second City TC in Hollywood.

- producers' audition for the NBC show Chuck.
- performed in the BINGO show at Second City TC in Hollywood.

- Improv training continues in the Conservatory at Second City TC.
2007 October
- cast in a supporting role as a quirky neighbor in Perry's Fairies, a funny and touching story about a young boy's attempts to make sense of his fathers death at war by imagining a new reality.  From Maggie Cohn and Barbara Burchfield. 
Premiering Fall 2008.

- Stefan's Green Card was accepted into the LA Shorts Film Festival.

- cast as the lead in The Guttenbergers for Me Gustas Tu Productions.  The film premiered at the Fine Arts Theatre on Wilshire Blvd. at the end of June.

- Stefan's Green Card was shown at the Playhouse West Film Festival.

- worked on an improvised role as an auditioner at an open audition for the film ACTORZ.  The film has a Blockbuster distribution agreement.
2006 December
- cast in role of Partner in a Price-Waterhouse industrial.  Shoot will be done mockumentary style (think "The Office") with lots of improv--my favorite!

- competed with improv team JAMES in the Chicago Cup longform improv competition, against teams from other major schools in Los Angeles.  JAMES will advance to the quarterfinals (whoo hoo! Conga line!), to be held October 1st, 7 pm,  at the Come 'n' Go Theatre, 1051 Havenhurst Dr.

- Six months of  live improv performance on Friday nights with the group PATTERSON at bang. Improv studio (Fairfax and Rosewood).  Go to for more information.  A completely new show every Friday!
-Cast as Detective in the feature film ERASED, a thriller about a man whose memory has been erased to keep him from disclosing a government cover-up.

- wrapped filming on the USC Graduate Thesis film, Hunter, a subtle drama about the business sub-culture surrounding corporate headhunters.